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A compassionate, confidential psychotherapy and counselling service based in Farnham, Surrey. Tailoring to individuals, couples and groups wanting help with aspects of their lives causing distress.

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Jane Riordan Psychotherapy and Counselling

Jane Riordan

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Areas Clients Come To Me For Help and Which Might Fit You


Problems At Home?

Living together can be complicated. Perhaps too much is being asked of you. Are you wanting to get your couple relationship back on track? Feel you have no time for yourself?


Work Life Difficult?

Finding yourself under pressure? Feeling inadequate or insecure? Are you misunderstood by colleagues? Feeling undervalued? Finding it difficult to get motivated?


Alone Again?

Breakups are hard, perhaps they keep happening. Are you longing for someone special? Don’t know why you don’t seem to get what you want? You see others as more important than yourself. Feeling hopeless.


Have You Considered Psychotherapy Or Counselling?


The best psychotherapy is tailored to the individual and the therapeutic relationship is an important contributor to its success. As a psychotherapist I place great importance on the acceptance of each person’s unique perspective and aim to explore my client’s perspective in a non-judgemental and compassionate way within a relationship that is confidential, safe, mutual and non-controlling.

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My practice is located in Farnham within easy reach of Aldershot, Guildford, Farnborough and surrounding areas of Surrey. To learn more about my psychotherapy and counselling services, to arrange an initial meeting or for more information:

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